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Claire Fallon and Emma Gray! We are writers and culture obsessives and generally neurotic 30-somethings. We also co-host the podcast “Love to See It with Emma and Claire” (formerly known as “Here To Make Friends”), a feminist podcast about “The Bachelor” franchise, and worked for a decade as enterprise reporters on HuffPost’s Culture desk.

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We love to consider America’s favorite reality dating franchise as both a guilty pleasure and a complex, layered text full of artifacts that capture our weird social norms. That’s what we want this newsletter to do with, well, everything. Rich Text is a space for the indulgent and the incisive, for witty and wistful explorations of the cultural, the personal, and the political.

We’ll be sharing hot and cold takes on pop culture, political calls to action, our thoughts on Bachelor Nation news, book recommendations and reviews, and other stuff we love to love (and love to hate). Come for the reality TV tea, stay for the scrunchie and loungewear recs.

We’ll also be adding premium content — personal essays, Zoom events, bonus Bachelor content we aren’t putting on the pod — for paid subscribers. (Hey, girls have gotta eat. And in Claire’s case, also feed a child.)

Join us on this ~journey~. We’re already falling for you.


Claire & Emma