Mar 31, 2021

Bonus Chat: 'Bachelor' By The Numbers, with @BachelorData

Meet Suzana Somers, the woman behind the most analytical "Bachelor" account in all the land.

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Claire Fallon and Emma Gray obsessively analyze our cultural obsessions, from fashion trends to books to the buzziest scripted TV shows.
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If you are a member of Bachelor Nation, you might have seen Suzana Somers’ — better known as @bachelordata’s — charts floating around Instagram. After a season of avidly following her work, and watching her deftly crunch the data on everything from screen time to Instagram growth to overnight date order, we really wanted to talk to her.

So we did! For this newsletter! (Disclaimer: The audio was recorded last night, so we were a little bit tired and may have had a few minor audible Zoom glitches. Apologies!)

It’s always a joy to get to nerd out about this franchise, so this chat was, despite the hour and tech limitations, an absolute blast. In our conversation, Suzana shared some of the nitty-gritty details of how she tracks and visualizes the data, what this project has revealed to her about the franchise’s race and diversity problems, and how it has shaped the way she consumes the show.

We are also really excited that Suzana is letting us republish some of the ~exclusive~ data conte…

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