Apr 18 • 14M

'Love Is Blind' 4 Reunion: A Live(ish) Disaster

Netflix really tried something... and failed spectacularly. At least Twitter was fun.


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Spoiler warning: The “Love Is Blind” season 4 reunion will be discussed in this post and in great detail in the podcast! You’ve been warned!

Also, we attempted to be as up to date as possible on all of the tea trickling out post-reunion, but of course we had to take time to edit this episode, and in the intervening hours, Jackie released this apology on Instagram for the “disparaging remarks” she made about Marshall. (The word “homophobic” was not used.)

Hell hath no fury like a Netflix audience scorned by a “live” television event.

After heavily — heavily! — promoting the “Love Is Blind” season 4 *LIVE* finale, millions tried to access the live feed at 8pm EST on Sunday night and were met with… an error message. It was a reload, stare at a purple title card (first “It’s almost time! The live event will start soon,” and later, “There’s an issue with the livestream. Hang tight! We’re trying to fix it as soon as possible.”), watch it load again, get another …

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