May 8 • 16M

Scandoval For Dummies

In which Emma takes Claire, a "Vanderpump Rules" neophyte, and turns her into an expert.


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Emma Gray
Claire Fallon
Claire Fallon and Emma Gray obsessively analyze our cultural obsessions, from fashion trends to books to the buzziest scripted TV shows.
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For “Vanderpump Rules” fans, “Scandoval” was the culmination of a years-long commitment to the dramatic ups and downs of a group of Los Angeles strivers. For everyone else, it was a chance to ask… Who the hell are Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, and why are they the subject of an explainer in the New York Times?

Here on Rich Text, we were a house divided. Emma has been vigilantly watching “Vanderpump” since a few seasons in, and Claire has never seen a single episode. And yet, her interest was still piqued. How could it not be? Scandoval was a reality TV scandal that somehow managed to penetrate into the mainstream consciousness. So we decided it was time for Claire — and all of you — to be brought into the twisty world of “Vanderpump Rules.” So for two full hours, along with video clips and photographs, Emma …

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