'You' Is Full Of Bloody Gender-Role Play

We head to suburban hell to discuss season 3 of Netflix's darkly comic thriller.

We’ve been obsessed with — fixated on, really — “You” since it premiered on Lifetime in 2018. Three years and three seasons later, the thriller has taken Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), the sensitive, intellectual stalker/murderer at the center of the show, from a single bookseller in New York City to a married dad in the (fictional) tony NorCal suburb of Madre Linda. It’s been a journey littered with one true loves, heartbreaks, betrayals, hope, and, of course, heaps of dead bodies.

Now that Joe has started a family with Love Quinn — a woman he adored until he learned at the end of season two that she would ALSO kill to protect her loved ones, thus ruining her virtuous feminine image — he would seem to have everything. But Joe loathes the lush suburban hell where they now live, an enclave saturated with athleisure-wearers, bio-hackers, and anti-vaxxers, and he also loathes his new wife. Soon he’s finding new women to receive his attention, and new complications arise.

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