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Great convo! I also remember feeling incredibly uncomfortable with people assuming Colton's sexuality simply because he was a virgin at 25—some people, regardless of sexuality, just don't have sex until later and that can be intentional or unintentional. Ultimately, I'm glad he's out now and seems freer.

On another note, the Netflix show makes me feel so uneasy. The concept of the show is fine, but the fact that it's him as the lead, is just tough for me with all the stuff with Cassie. Maybe the show will never make it to stream, but I guess only time will tell.

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I really appreciated your discussion of the harm his Netflix series could cause Cassie. I'd add that it could harm other survivors too. I fear that it's revealing that this show, his first serial return to TV after the restraining order, seems like it will center just this one part of his story vs. elevating the voices of stalking and abuse survivors, which could have been a way to do reparations in public. Something like that could be done very poorly! Maybe it's better to go away for awhile if you're truly very sorry, as Claire said. But I think it's useful to imagine alternate versions of this unfolding reality, who would benefit from those, and why they aren't happening.

On a totally different note, his announcement has me mentally revisiting the etiquette hometown date with Hannah and how happy he seemed to be given rules to follow...Thank you for these audio chats!!

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It's a 'she-man' *crying laughing*

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